Monday, June 22, 2009

bear box

today i've read the strobist's post about food photography made easy. in fact for quite some time already i wanted to build another light box he wrote about here, but there was always some reason not to (either i didn't have the right box, or the paper, or time :)

so today luckily there was a box lying on my couch and i didn't stop to think whether it's large enough or not. as a result i spent half an afternoon constructing this thing and then playing with it. no photos that i particularly like came out of it, but it was a lot of fun.

here is a picture of one of my bears. i had in fact two light sources here: one was the light of the setting sun filtering through a large window to the right from the camera, and another a small work light to the left from the camera.

a teddy bear wearing a sweater

and here is a picture of the resulting "box" itself. well, it doesn't look like the box here :) 'cause it's really just three connected walls.

a light box with two teddy bears

i'm looking forward to playing with it again.

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