Sunday, May 10, 2009


stacked upside down red langnese ice-cream cups
It's definitely difficult to keep the motivation up every day. Even though it was sunday and the weather was nice and warm and sunny, for some reason i just didn't feel like taking my camera and looking for the pictures. In the end of the day i biked to the Post Tower hoping for a good looking sky and interesting reflections. My hopes got thwarted up, the sky was boring (white-blue-black), the tower was.. well, the usual. For the first time i tried to change the lenses while in the process and i think my eyes got confused by that, couldn't see anything worth photographing.
After all i came home with about 40 photos, half of them of the tower, the other half of the strange art objects around it, and three are looking through the glass at the objects inside. This ice-cream cups picture is one of the three.


  1. cool. (and i am getting more and more curious about the discarded ones)

  2. i can't explain why i like this one.
    and today's three candidates are N11-13 on