Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today's picture is from the uni's cafeteria. I like it but that's probably because i took it :)


  1. i guess i am repeating but i like this one, too.

  2. Well, I am puzzled by what it actually is IRL that I see on the picture.

  3. i'm not sure if i should tell already :)

  4. I like it too. not totally sure what it is I am guessing it's the shadow of a bird on flight, but I am not sure what it's appearing on.

    Looks like it could be an album cover. really cool.

  5. ok, my guess for what's worth it ;)

    It was the cafeteria in PH, 'cause then I know what the stripes are---from the bridge (I was thinking of the other cafeteria).

    The bird is not a real one. I think it is sticking on a window like they do on some tramstops around here. My guess is they also do it in the cafeteria, although I can't remember any there.

  6. tg,
    you are correct :) congratulations!
    the bird stickers are all over the cafeteria windows, which actually are pretty large (they completely replace the walls there i think).