Monday, May 11, 2009

Today the rain was almost horizontal. Didn't make things any easier.
Anyway, the whole morning i was thinking about the motivation problem. The conclusion seems to be that i need to set myself a project. An idea that i'd try to fit into my photos.
As soon as i decided on the idea, life immediately got simpler :) now i wasn't scanning the world around me in a random fashion, i was looking for particular things.
I wonder for how long it will last though.


  1. so... one project a day, or one for the whole year?

    (btw i was also thinking project wise but i think i'd rather do it apart from the usual picture taking)

  2. one project for a while. until i get tired of it, or can't find anything for it, or come up with something else :)

    what do you mean by apart from the usual picture taking?

  3. still not sure what your project is. Wonder how many more examples i'll need until i can induce it...